Monday, October 31, 2005

Kristol Throws the Gauntlet Down


Cato said...

Nobody made Bush put forward his personal lawyer as a nominee for the Supreme Court, and our success now in guiding the Iraqis to democracy can't change the fact that the war was entered on false pretenses. Bush largely fixed the Meiers disaster by withdrawing her in favor of a respected, experienced nominee...I don't think fixing the war will be quite so easy.

PubliusRex said...

Many have said that Bush made the pick from weakness. I agree with that. So does Kristol. To the extent that his weakness is equivalent with cowtowing to the dems, they influenced him to do it.

The war was not entered into on false pretenses. It was another front in a larger world war entered into on flawed intelligence. Hardly unprecedented. Vietnam it is not...despite the best efforts of the left.

Cato said...

If it was made from weakness, not stupidity or arrogance, it seems odd that he would choose a crony. Wouldn't he choose a well-qualified moderate if he were trying to appease the democrats?