Monday, December 05, 2005

Dean Machine

Are the Democrats unhinged? Howard Dean is prosecution's exhibit #1. When will the grownups, if there are any left, turn that back into a serious political parth.


Waldo said...

Dean's comments yesterday are exactly why I was hoping that he would win the Democratic nomination in 2004. I don't think most Dems have yet realized just how far left the party has gone. It is a political movement that is based in emotion instead of reason, in fear rather than optimism. The men of history who are the most revered by Democrats, such as Truman, FDR, and JFK, would not be able to win their party's nomination if they were alive today. Don't believe me? Look at Joe Lieberman.

Orrin Johnson said...

As amusing as Dean is, he's dangerous to conservatism and limited government. As long as his moronic, dishonest, and enemy-supporting attitudes are driving the Dem's agenda, they will never be a serious threat politically. And as long as THAT'S the case, Republicans will continue to squander the tax cuts with their overspending and expansion of the welfare state.

So long as the Dems embrace his ideology, I'm glad he's leading them, being so honest with the true nature of the party. But I'll sleep better when the nature of the party returns to pro-Americanism and sanity, and the GOP actually has to give more to its principles than lip service.