Friday, October 20, 2006


Apparently Al JaCNN has aired jihadist propaganda today, a collection of footage of American soldiers being shot, compiled by muslim terrorists operating in Iraq.

This move can only be viewed as the media's collaboration with the islamic terrorists. I expected this from Al Jazeera, but I guess the American press is in the act now too (although this trend perhaps started with the incessant and repetitive coverage of Abu Ghraib). The footage was clearly shot for propaganda purposes - and CNN is more than happy to further that end. Indeed, the terrorists' best allies may be American liberals and their press.

I can accept the American press not being a cheerleader for our military or government, even though in the past it has been, but would it be too much to ask that they not be a cheerleader for our blood enemies? Imagine the howling that would come if Fox News were to air a montage of American soldiers killing Iraqis put together by the Pentagon.

What's saddest, other than the idea of grieving American families seeing this rubbish, is that CNN is doing this to aid the Democrats in the coming election. There have about about 5 October suprises already...all coincidentally cutting against the administration (has there ever been an anti democrat October surprise?).

It's just another bit of evidence that the Islamic Fascists are counting on, and not being let down by, the American left.

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Orrin Johnson said...

Good post. America is such a great country that no nation or people can defeat us - except ourselves. Why so many are intent on doing just that is completely beyond me.

Had we fought WWII with today's press, the world would have been a very, very, very different place this last half century.