Friday, November 10, 2006

Why We Should Ignore Western Europe

It appears Germany wants to invoke "universal jurisdiction" to try Donald Rumsfeld and other executive branch members for war crimes. Universal jurisdiction is shorthand for universal sovereignty. I guess this isn't the first time Germany has "lobbied" for that.

This moves rings with temerity and drips with hypocrisy. Funny how Germans and other Euros chafe at American dominance over their affairs, but feel entitled to assert "universal jurisdiction" over the affairs of others. They want to be respected themselves but contemptuously condemn Iraq for its condemnation of the war criminal in its midst (Saddam). They go soft on real war criminals like Slobodan Milosevic and Mohammed Ali Hamadi but then demand sanction vs. Rumsfeld. They demand that they (qua the UN Security Counsel) should have had a veto over action in Iraq, but are totally incompetent in their dealings with Iran. What's more amusing than Germany lecturing anyone about war crimes? What's more ironic than Germany asserting universal jurisdiction? I could go on as I am sure you could as well. This all points to yet another reason why Western (Continental) Europe is intellectully, morally and politically irrelevant. They stand for nothing consistently except bashing the United States.

I for one look forward to the continued decline and cultural death of the Continent. That decline represents a repudiation of Western Europe's repudiation of all of the values that allowed them to dominate the world in every way for 800 years.


Orrin Johnson said...

Sad, but not surprising. I expect Washington to roundly ignore it, although it may put a crimp on Rumsfeld's travel schedule for awhile.

This is why we correctly choose not to subvert our sovereignty to abominations such as the ICC. Courts in which Cuba, France, Russia, Germany, and Iran have as much power over the fact finders as elected American officials accountable to our own voters simply cannot be trusted to provide a fair trial, even if their case wasn't frivolous. Germany's "universal jurisdiction" is the same that's being used to sue Sacha Cohen, because he had a silly movie character who talked about "catching Gypsies." Where's the free speech warriors on that one?

If we were to allow this, almost any American could be tried in an extra-Constitutional foreign court. Soldiers in an unpopular war, movie producers, Congressmen, Senators, diplomats, ex-presidents, etc. It would all be political. None of it would be subject to our Constitutional protections.

I want these people to fly to Tehran and serve Ahmadinejahd with papers, or maybe the Chinese Communist Party for brutal suppression of dissidents. Maybe head to the Sudan - think how useful their weirdly detached moral outrage and selective legal analysis would make these perpetrators of Genocide quake in their boots! Just think - if only they had subpoenaed Saddam Hussein in 1993, this whole thing could have been avoided.

This is the price of internationalism without state sovereignty. Suddenly, ridiculous "street theater" becomes somewhat more ominous.

One point of disagreement - I fear the continued decline of Western Europe. The weaker they are, the fewer allies we have when and if the Jihadists get even bolder in their attacks, and the more anti-American and anti-Israel the UN gets in the meantime.

Derek said...

The dirty secret behind jurisdiction is that it is really a matter of state power. You can have jurisdiction, as long as you can come and get him.

"universal jurisdiction"?? LOL!

PubliusRex said...

If Germany truly has universal jurisdiction, Washington can't ignore it. Germany could just send gov't agents here to seize Rumsfeld. Universal German jurisdiction can only come at the expense of US sovereignty.

PubliusRex said...

You're right about that Derek! Jurisdiction = sovereignty. That's what's so troubling? amusing? revolting? about the story.