Friday, October 28, 2005

Welcome to the UW Chapter Federalist Society Blog!

I am Orrin Johnson, President of the University of Washington Federalist Society Chapter. I'd like to personally welcome you to our chapter's official blog!

The Federalist Society was formed in 1982 because conservative and libertarian law students were increasingly disappointed that only one point of view was ever coming across in their law school classes, and that this view was a universally liberal one. Recognizing that scholarship unquestioned becomes dogma instead of knowledge, and striving to create a dialogue instead of the monologue they were experiencing, they created the Society to provide law students access to different points of view.

It is in that spirit that this blog has been created. We look forward to thoughtful comments, criticisms, and above all, real dialogue. We aren't hear to try to shout anyone down. We believe that our ideas - given a fair hearing - will speak for themselves. We look forward to educating the UW Law School community about what the Federalist Society is (and isn't). And we look forward to exercising our minds by challenging all assumptions (not the least of which are our own), and making us all better lawyers in the process.

Please note that all opinions expressed on this blog are purely those of the individual authors. The Federalist Society itself does not take policy positions, endorse political candidates, or involve itself in litigation to pursue policy agendas. The goal is to simply provide a free and fair forum for us as individuals to make our own determinations.

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Cato said...

Hey, Orrin! Can you get Ranjit and Publius to let us comment on their posts? Also, how can we post our own, or can we?