Tuesday, January 17, 2006

My Hero Ted Kennedy

I'd just like to thank Senator Kennedy for his ridiculous attacks on Judge Alito, guaranteeing him his confirmation.

The Dems on the judiciary committee have now delayed the vote one week (as is their right, but something they apparently told Sen. Spectre they would not do). The only possible reason is to (a) buy more time to twist arms into supporting a filibuster, and/or (b) buy more time for liberal activist groups to smear Judge Alito. I honestly want to know - what do they seriously think they'll gain? Some say they're trying to delay it so President Bush can't take credit for the confirmation at the State of the Union Address. But all that would do is let Bush highlight their obstructionism. And the smear tactics have been going on for months now with the only result being an increase in Alito's public support. Is one week really going to make a difference?

These tactics make me think of a basketball team losing by 12 points in the final two minutes purposely fouling the winning team in the faint hope of them missing free throws and losing the rebound. Once in a blue moon, that might work. More often, it makes the losing team look desperate, confirming that they deserve to lose the game, and lets the winning team put up a whole bunch more points.

And I have to ask - whose idea was it to have Ted Kennedy there to grill Judge Alito on morality, respect for women, and/or empathy for the underprivileged?

Once again, the Democrats have displayed a tremendous talent for self destruction. Any assertions that they could regain Congress are, in light of their leadership, simply laughable.

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