Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Chuztpah, Thy Name is Hillary

Here's Hillary Clinton's take on the Dick Cheney non-story:

"The refusal of this administration to level with the American people on matters large and small is very disturbing, because it goes counter to the way our constitutional democracy ... is supposed to work."

Holy friggin' cow.

This coming from the wife of a man suspended from the bar for perjury, from a woman who failed to report Vince Foster's suicide note to the media until 30 hours after the fact and his house had been sanitized, and from someone who has still failed to explain how Rose Law Firm documents she swore were destroyed ended up in her White House bedroom.

Unbelievable. Or not.

This, of course, despite the fact that Cheney immediately ensured his victim had emergency medical care, that he immediately notified the local sherrif, and immediately told the rancher on whose land they were hunting that he could tell the local media.


Cato said...

"Pot to Kettle: You are black"

I agree there's a bit of that going around. That reaction does seem a little bit bizarre. He shot a friend in the face. If I shot a friend in the face, I wouldn't want to have a press-conference about it.

Yes, Cheney is a secretive guy. Yes that's bad in all sorts of ways, when he's in his official capacity. I'm just not sure there's a connection between Wiretapping and the hunting accident.

Juvenal said...

How about the fact that in 93 & 94 she ran her health care task force, indisputably a matter of the public interest (unlike a private hunting accident) in complete secrecy? No accountability whatsoever -- did n't reveal who was on her task force, how much it cost, no reports to Congress etc etc. Chutzpah indeed.

Steve Gillespie said...

Do we mean to imply only that Hillary is a hypocrite, or that the Clinton White House is somehow more secretive than W's? 'Cause that would be something!

And by the way, the health care plan failed to pass, but the administration energy policy is in full effect.

I think that the reason the press is so ticked (and the reason that John Stewart is so psyched) is that this incident is so typical of how the administration handles itself--shoot confidently and then hope people don't notice. Yeah, I know Cheney had just shot his buddy in the face and he was probably upset (as upset as his two-sizes-too-small heart would let him be). But it's not like Cheney is the one that has to pick up the phone and call Britt Hume. He has a staff. His subordinate has a press secretary named Scott McClellan. It would have been no problem to notify Charles Krauthammer that same night.

Instead, Cheney sat on it. And the public didn't get to know that the leader of the free world just shot his buddy in the face.

I also think that it's a bit odd that the "vice" President can shoot his buddy in the face and think that it's not a matter of public concern, but the real President can be impeached because he lied about getting laid.

Now, that said, I have to concede that the liberal left wing media has really shown its lack of gun savvy. "28 caliber shotgun"? Really? Maybe if these media doorknobs would spend more time worrying about protecting our 2nd Amendment rights and less time pandering to criminals by trying to ban guns outright, they would know how stupid they look when they report on administration gun violence. Remember, if guns are illegal, then Dick Cheney won't have a gun.

Hillary in '08,


Orrin Johnson said...

It wasn't the VP's proudest PR moment, but neither was it criminal, purposeful, or indicitive of anything more sinister than an honest accident and a lack of slavish devotion to the fawnings of the Washington Press Corps. Hillary's past is far, FAR more odious, and far more closely related to the national interest. And since a majority of Americans agree with that, the partisan in me ALSO hope she runs in '08.

But it's jaw dropping that she would say that, giving people an opportunity to remember the continual scandals and lack of candor from the Clintons' past.

If Cheney had waggled his finger and said, "I did not have hunting accident relations with that man. Mr. Whittington," and then had to "appologize" for it after getting caught perjuring himself over it while being investigated for ANOTHER hunting accident he was falsely denying, then maybe there would be some equivilance. But he didn't, so there's not.

And your point about the lack of knowledge in the press corps about hunting and the associated hardware is yet ANOTHER reason this whole thing will help the Bush folks more than it hurts. Pro-hunting/gun rights swing voters haven't been so turned off since John Kerry couldn't be bothered to drag his own goose back to the truck.

I know they're all hypocrites to a fairly large extent. Coming from Chuck Shummer or Nancy Pelosi, fine. But this coming from Hillary is like Ted Kennedy sanctimoniously lecturing someone about drunk driving. It simply proves how not-ready-for-prime-time the Dems in general (and Hillary in particular) are today. And because the American in me (as opposed to the partisan) wants to see a more sane, competitive minority party to curb the excesses of the GOP right now, I hope the Dems are smart enough to reject her.