Friday, April 14, 2006

The Smartest Perspective I've Heard Yet on Immigration

As always, Peggy Noonan is able to articulate so simply and so eloquently what I think is the truest comment yet on the immigration issue. She notes why it's important not just to us, but to them, for us to enforce our border laws, and why the "open borders" people are missing the point.

We are a sovereign nation operating under the rule of law. That, in fact, is why many immigrants come here. They come from places where the law, such as it is, is corrupt, malleable, limiting. Does it make sense to subvert our own laws to facilitate the entrance of those in pursuit of government by law? Whatever our sentiments and sympathies as individuals, America has the right, and the responsibility, to protect the integrity of its borders, to make the laws by which immigrants are granted entrance, and to enforce those laws.

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