Tuesday, May 02, 2006

New blog over at Cato

Mandatory reading for Libertarians! The Cato Institute has a new blog.


Orrin Johnson said...

Good stuff! Thanks Ranjit. I've added the link to the right column.

Cato said...

This is good stuff. Check out the article about whether the Republicans are still the party of small government. Anybody want to do a piece on that? Apparently those who do may end up on their blog. That would be networking!

And we love networking.

PubliusRex said...

Republicans are still (at least comparatively) the party of small government, notwithstanding the fact that the national leadership has failed to be true to the party base.

Juvenal said...

I'd like to believe that the Republicans are the party of small government, only if in comparison to the Democrats, but alas there's no evidence to back that up.
The number of earmarks has gone up astronomically in the 12 years since the Republicans took over Congress. Clinton (at the prodding of a Republican Congress that was not yet used to the ways of power) passed welfare reform -- a dramatic decrease in the size of government. Bush on the other hand, pushes Congress into passing prescription drug coverage under Medicare -- the largest entitlement increase since FDR. The Republican leadership in Congress has repeatedly strong-armed small-government Republicans into voting for increases in spending (remember Tom Delay's heroic efforts on the floor to get prescription coverage passed?). Bush says "When people hurt, the federal goverment must be there."
These programs and policies and attitudes may be admirable, but they're unfortunately not furthering the goal of small and limited government.
The best hope for small government may be for Republicans to lose both houses in November, and thus get re-acquainted with the philosophy and policies that swept them into power in the first place.

Orrin Johnson said...

Dems aren't going to cut those programs, though. Clinton's cutting of "Big Government" was mostly in the military.

Worse, they wouldn't cut taxes, but raise them fairly dramatically if they have their way. As long as the GOP is still the party of low taxes, they'll still be marginally preferable. At least they recognize this increases revenue and makes it somewhat easier to pay for all this pork.

It's frustrating. We need a BRAC-like program on ALL governmental programs to review them periodically for efficacy.

I like Bush because he's serious about killing bad guys. I even forgive the drug benefits and NCLB as long-term cost savings measures. But I'm praying for a real government program slasher with a well-worn veto pen in 2008. There's a CHANCE it'll come from the GOP. There's NO CHANCE it'll come from the Dems.

Cato said...

There is no excuse for the federal government to get involved in education, as they did under NCLB. Cost-saving doesn't cut it. It isn't their costs to save.

PubliusRex said...

Cato is correct. The federal government has ZERO role in education and about 50% of the entire federal budget.

Look, the Republicans aren't ideal. But, like I said, compared to the Democrats, the Republicans are the party of small government. The national leadership has failed the grassroots, who are staunchly small-government, and need to be thrown out (i.e. Bush and Frist for starters). But "small government" has alot of currency among the rank and file republicans, unlike the democrats, who have never seen a government program they did not like. At least in the Republican caucus, people nod when you mention smaller gov't.