Monday, January 29, 2007

Western Civilization's Fall to the Barbarians - Part II?

This story should scare the hell out of everyone who believes in and loves western style liberal democracy.
The RealClearPolitics blog has the quick breakdown:

> 37% of British Muslims aged 16-24 want to live under Sharia - compared to 28% overall and only 17% of those over 55.

> 36% of British Muslims aged 16-24 believe Muslims who convert to other religions should be punished by death - compared to 19% of those over 55.

> 74% of British Muslims aged 16-24 prefer Muslim women wear a veil - only 28% of those over 55 agree.

And the most concerning number of all:

> 13% of British Muslims aged 16-24 agree with the statement "I admire organizations al-Qaeda that are prepared to fight the West." Only 3% of those over 55 agreed with the same statement.

The obvious question is, "Why didn't they just stay/go to a country that does live under Sharia law? There's plenty of them. Why are they bother coming to Britain? To Europe? The US?"

Maybe the terrifying answer is that they aren't here to Westernize themselves, or to take advantage of our free and open society. Maybe they're here to Sharia-cize the West. And maybe right now, Europe is letting them succeed...

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Carol said...

Someone else just recently pointed out that they aren't building all those mosques all over the place (brand new fancy-looking one in Lake Forest Park plus God knows how many more) for themselves; they are building them for us. This is a monstrous idea but Islam is a vigorously proselytizing and very much imperialist religion. They do intend to take over and force more than half the population into bondage (no other way to describe the way women have to live in sharia states).