Thursday, April 12, 2007

Iran to Monitor Iran's Nuclear Program

That's right. The UN - that "gravely concerned" international body charged with keeping world peace and dedicated to nuclear disarmament - has elected Iran as one of the vice-chairs of the UN Disarmament Commission.

In celebration, Iran once again threatened to wipe Israel off the map.

The most ardent foe of the United Nations couldn't make this kind of thing up. How is it that anyone thinks we should entrust our sovereignty or security to this organization? Does ANYONE seriously think the UN is in any way effective in keeping peace, preserving freedom, or saving lives?

Iran probes, the West retreats. They commit an act of war/piracy in another nation's territorial seas. As a result, they lost nothing and gained a humiliated Great Britain, some of the combatants they'd sent into Iraq to kill coalition soldiers back, and a cessation of any Royal Navy interdiction operations in the entire Persian Gulf. They openly pursue nuclear weapons, and are met with tepid concern from an international organization they (or oil customers who count on them) control - an organization known for doing nothing, at that. They attack Israel via Hezbollah, and even the United States accuses Israel of overreacting. They attack the United States in Iraq, and for fear of "starting" a war that they've waged against us for 28 years, our press and our government say nothing. In fact, with the full knowledge that Iran is the sole reason the insurgency is still able to exist (funding, training, etc.), our Congress is now attempting to surrender to Iran and their Iraqi fighters - fighting hard to accede to the demands of our enemy.

Perhaps they should save us all a lot of time and start drafting Constitutional Amendments that will conform with Sharia law.
And now, because both of them are heavily invested in an American failure in Iraq, Nancy Pelosi wants to once again violate the Constitution and the Logan Act, and visit Ahmahdinejad in Iran, further signalling that he can act at will with no reaction from the west save surrender.

When are liberals going to understand that the enemies we face, despite their shared hatred of George Bush, are not fellow liberals who just want to sit around, smoke weed, and like, get aLONG, man? That they aren't acting in good faith? That they are using our international institutions and press against us? That they already "understand us" just fine, and don't want to live in peace with us?

The genteel Europeans have already given up. British teachers have stopped teaching about the Holocaust because muslim students are offended. Scandinavian women wear headscarves and dye their hair black in many public areas to prevent the sometimes violent rape and harassment of the Islamic "youths" (who we are assured aren't radicalized, because some of them listen to rap - as if angry teens should follow some kind of consistent philosophy). Meanwhile, their governments cover up these crimes for fear of not being multi-cultural or tolerant enough. The intifada in France goes on, and typically, France is losing.

Are we to join them?

Iran has already determined that the west is doomed. The only question for them is whether the global caliphate with be Sunni or Shi'ite. And no western nation is doing anything to disabuse them of their assumptions.

80 years from now, when our great grandchildren are studying the history of this war, they will read about these events with the same incredulity as modern students have for the world's appeasement of Adolf Hitler in the 1930's. The only question is going to be how much damage we'll take before we decide to fight for our civilization. Or if it will survive at all.

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