Saturday, September 29, 2007

Time for a second constitutional convention?

Larry Sabato is discussing his new book "A More Perfect Constitution" over at the Daily Kos. Sabato argues that the overall design of the constitution remains brilliant, and must be retained, but that several aspects of it are in dire need of overhaul.

Among his suggestions are an expanded senate, 15 year terms for the judiciary and a restoration of Congress' original co-equal role in waging war.

There is no doubt that a Constitution that was designed 220 years ago for 13 largely agrarian colonies on the eastern seaboard sometimes forces awkward solutions to the problems encountered by a continental nation at the beginning of the 21st century. If we were to have a second constitutional convention, what are the changes you would make?


Anonymous said...

Single-term public officials (can be re-elected after a break in term)
Amendment preventing government candidates from taking money from anyone; as all campaigns are subsidized
No taxes on income, only on consumption
No involvement in foreign affairs except for purposes of trade
No cabinet
No government management / departments for managing anything outside of basic needs

Anonymous said...

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