Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Temper Tantrum in the Senate

Sigh. This is just ridiculous in every way. Note that this happened a day after Senator Reid was informed that the Intelligence Committee was a week away from wrapping up their lengthy investigation of the very issues Reid claims were being ignored. To me, that speaks pretty loudly that Reid knew there wasn't going to be anything incriminating in the report, but wanted there to be. So he pulled this stunt instead to blow smoke, hoping people would (a) think a report had never been in the works, and (b) confuse his manufactured smoke for actual fire.

If Harry Reid actually knew something, he would reveal it. If any of the Democrats on the Intelligence Committe had dirt on lies, coverups, Hitler's brain in a jar, etc. and yawn, they'd spill it. And I for one would be glad that they did. But they don't, 'cause there ain't, and so the hysteria continues.

Does a kid throwing a temper tantrum in public focus one's attention on the kid, and away from whatever else is going on? You bet. But it doesn't exactly endear anyone to the kid throwing the tantrum.

The Republicans have done a lot of stupid, non-conservative things in the last few years. They'll continue to do it so long as the opposition party insists on being even stupider, and represents no threat. One party systems - no matter what the party - are never friendly to limited government. Frustrating.


Juvenal said...

Can you imagine what the media reaction would have been if that fascist-pest-exterminator Tom Delay had pulled a stunt like this in the House? The pursed lip, the raised eyebrow, the shocked Op-Eds in the New York Times decrying the use of "obscure parliamentary diversions" to frustrate the business of the people etc etc. Since its Harry Reid, its just a valiant, quixotic and brave attempt to get to the truth.

The media's slavish fealty to the Democrats is sometimes a handicap -- the Democrats are disconnected from reality and the concerns of real people. If their actions are approved of and praised by the NYT, WP, NPR etc etc they must of course be the right actions and the right policies! The Democrats thus continue to move towards their left fringe, marginalizing themselves. You're right that this results in a less effective Republican party that is less true to its principles ...

PubliusRex said...

Good point Ranjit. Remember the howling when Newt shut down the gov't?

You're correct...when democrats use the filibuster, they're preserving the constitutional balance. When republicans do it, they're picking on minorities or some such.