Friday, June 09, 2006

More Leftist Reaction to Zarqawi - No Surprises

But they are almost as funny as they were predictable.


Moderate Milquetoast said...

So I followed the link and read the following:
"One blogger suggested trying to paint the killing of Zarqawi as being a victory, but having nothing to do with Iraq. "Zarqawi is not about Iraq," he said. Zarqawi was on our radar because of the USS Cole bombing, and we didn't have to invade Iraq to kill him.

This was rejected by others, however, because, in the words of one: "We're talking to the 98% of the unwashed who don't know what the Cole is."

I am not sure I understand what the speaker means. By 98% of the unwashed, is he or she talking about the American public? If so, then it should be evident why their blogs have little impact on public sentiment. Contempt for one's audience ensures that one won't have an audience for long.

And if I misunderstood what the guy was saying, well, don't yell at me or call me names, it's just a wierd thing to say.

Orrin Johnson said...

That comment made me chuckle, too. THere was a similar sentiment heard in an NRO article about YK, where someone blurted out, "What planet were you on when you said that the American public is smart?" Of course everyone laughed at this "truism."

To me, comments like that are at the heart of what modern American liberalism is about, and why I think it's so bankrupt. It's all about contempt for people and their ability to take care of themselves, and the belief that they need the sophisticated intellectuals who know better than they do what's best for them to take care of them.