Thursday, September 28, 2006

Death of taxpayer financing of Presidential elections

Great article on taxpayer financing of elections by George Will. I wish I had a dime for every time I've been told that the singular problem of American politics is the sordid money grubbing, at which the sinister Republicans are so much more adept than their intellectually superior but less-Machiavellian Democratic opponents. This inherent unclean-ness and ugliness of American politics could be made to vanish instantaneously by having government finance all campaigns, and disallowing the expenditure of "obscene" sums raised privately. Only then would American politics attain the heightened and rarified plane inhabited by continental European politics. Only then would we avoid the terrible embarassment of electing dummies like Bush, when we have much more intellectually nimble and sophisticated alternatives, like Nader.

I'm glad that taxpayers are overwhelmingly rejecting taxpayer financing of elections ...


Cato said...

I love George F. Will. And he's right smack on this time. Taxpayer funding of elections is ridiculous, and I'm glad to see it going downhill.

Orrin Johnson said...

Agreed. He who controls the purse strings controls the candidate in large measure. It continually baffles me that proponents of this insanity are the same people who think the Government is controlled by the Rovian Machiavellian Bushitler Pentaverate want to give that government the sole financial control over those challenging it.

They don't have a lot of money corrupting politics in Iran, but then, they don't have a lot of free-will-of-voters corrupting politics, either.