Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Welcome 1Ls!

Welcome to the University of Washington School of Law, and to another year of challenging the liberal orthodoxy on our campus! We hope you enjoy our blog. Our members are free to post their own articles on this blog - make your voice heard!

If you think you're the only one who grits your teeth when a professor ridicules a conservative, our group is for you. If you secretly cheer on a Scalia opinion while your class wallows in outrage, join us! If you didn't wear black for the whole month of November 2004, and if you thought Alito and Roberts were just what this country needs, you are not alone.

Our first general membership meeting is tenatively scheduled for Tuesday, October 3 at 12:30. Check back here for updates.

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There are a lot more conservative law students than you think, and the more intellectually diverse voices that can be heard, the better your legal education will be. Believe it or not, most of our professors even agree with that. Not only that, but it can be a lot of fun to challenge a professor in class, to stand up for your beliefs, and to engage in the debate.

We look forward to meeting you. To learn more about us, or about the national Federalist Society, click on the provided links, or feel free to contact us directly. Good luck in your first year!

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Cato said...

And just so it's clear, it's ok (nay encouraged) to question conservative orthodoxy too. If you're deeply worried about Alito's and Roberts' views about presidential powers, or frequently mystified by the Bush Administration policies on pretty much any subject, speak up. You are not alone. As the only institution at the Law School that questions the general liberal slant to the legal profession, the UW Federalist Society includes several independent and libertarian-minded individuals as well. Since no organization that advocates debate can be healthy if it develops its own orthodoxy, by all means speak up and challenge anything you read here. Try it--you'll like it!