Saturday, February 03, 2007

Global Warming - Betting Our Life(styles) On It

The Canadian National Post has a phenomenal series profiling the so-called global warming "Deniers," which put the lie to much of the slander heaped upon the scientists who dare to defy the groupthink and junk science that has become the new Religion of the Left. Indeed, more and more and more scientists are coming forward with the courage to stand up to this nonsense.

Indeed - it's difficult to figure out why this global "consensus" exists in the first place in the face of so little supporting evidence, until you understand the agenda of the pushers of this insipidness - anti-capitalism and anti-Americanism. Why would China, India, France, Russia, and the multitude of nations who want strong economies sign off on this suicide manifesto? Easy - they are either exempt from the proposed regulations or can ignore them without consequence, and they know that because of our integrity, the US will suffer the most from these policies. And the socialists have the perfect excuse for overarching government control of our property. It's like a perverse version of Ronald Reagan's outspending of the Soviets - our economic and political competitors (even the ones here at home) may suffer, too, but they know we'll suffer more. And they're gambling it will hurt us so much that they can gain supremacy before we come to our senses.

And I wonder if the academics, who twist their data to a pre-ordained conclusion so as not to lose next year's grant money (and to justify more of it) understand that without a robust economy, society won't have the tax revenue to fund luxuries like insulated, ivory tower intellectuals making 6 figures? (Judging from academia's decades-old love affair with militant socialism, this question unfortunately answers itself.)

Not that there aren't true believers, just as there are in any religion. And they fulfill every stereotype of the naive and hypocritical evangelical adherent - basing their own "science" on anecdote (whether they remember more or less snow growing up 10 years ago in Minnesota) and blind allegiance to every word of The Prophet Al. With a straight face, they exhort people to conserve energy by (not kidding) unplugging their cell phone chargers when they aren't actually charging their phone - while burning uncountable carbon atoms powering their amps, riding in their busses and private jets, and keeping the lights on in their many mansions.

If a single one of these mindless celebs (and that includes Al Gore and even - dare I say it - His Royal Dumbo Ears the Prince) actually feared that humanity faced immediate danger to its very existence, they would all move out of their mansions and into one bedroom flats and keep their thermostats at 60 all winter. None of them would travel unless absolutely necessary - and then certainly not on private jets! None of them would heat their pools - or even have pools. Every Ferrari and tricked out Cadillac would be abandoned. Never again would they buy foreign made luxury items - Armani suits, BMWs, and Italian marble slabs take a lot of marine diesel to cart across the sea (not to mention the overboard discharges that taint the oceans with waste oil). Every dollar they made beyond the $30,000 needed to live day to day would be donated to environmental causes, European governments, the UN, and buying controlling stock in oil companies so as to shut them down. They would donate their estates to build new nuclear power plants. They would all switch to acoustic guitars, and beg people to stay home and read books instead of driving to the movie theater or even turning on their TVs. Democrats would denounce NASCAR fans.

You see, our true priorities, fears, and agendas are shown not in what we say, but in what we do. And none of the global warming cultists, by their energy gobbling, lavish lifestyle supporting, conspicuous consumption actions, are actually afraid of global warming. It's not a priority to them. Their agenda is not to stop polar ice from melting, it's to look cool and feel like they matter beyond the fantasy worlds in which they live.

Environmental policy is important. Pollution choking the air we breath and the water we drink is a serious threat to our health and economic vibrancy, as well as to the inherent value our natural places provide to our souls just by existing. There are plenty of very good reasons to limit dirty emissions and discharges, and to regulate our industries so we don't expose entire communities to deadly chemicals. And the climate is not stable - it will warm and cool, maybe even dramatically, and humans will have to adapt. Just as we've always done. But none of this justifies the Global Warming absurdity currently underway.

Understanding what the true threats are - and more importantly, what they aren't - is crucial to crafting policies that actually solve problems as opposed to making rich celebrities feel good about themselves. And in solving problems, we must recognize that when we monkey with the economy, it doesn't just hurt the profits of millionaires working for Exxon - it stifles job growth, entrepreneurship, tax revenue, technological innovation, and class mobility. It destroys the ability of the third world to improve their living conditions, leading inevitably to more poverty, disease, famine, war, fighting over resources, ethnic strife, and violent tribalism - conditions not easily remedied with a dike. And the solutions offered thus far involve more epherial (but no less destructive) dangers, threatening individual freedom, state and national sovereignty, and property rights.

That's right, environmentalists. No free lunch. Your proposals are, if implemented, going to doom millions to poverty and early death. All for a problem even the UN Doomsday Report says is "unstoppable." Just so everyone's clear what the tradeoff is.

The global warming fad is a frightening harbinger of Western un-seriousness. We half heartedly (or not at all) fight against the rising Global Jihad - a REAL clear, present, and immediate threat to our existence and to our freedoms - instead choosing to spend billions of dollars (usually of other people's money) to combat something which even if it actually exists can't be stopped at this point (at least not without dooming ourselves to the poverty of a pre-industrial existence). We're willing to stifle foreign investment that would substantially reduce the risk of military conflict just so John Kerry will have nicer things to say to fascist Mullahs about us the next time he takes his wife's private jet to Europe.

The enviro-cultists are ironically betting their lives and lifestyles that they're wrong, and that they'll fail in their lobbying efforts. I'm also betting my life (and my own lifestyle), but on the assumption that I'm right. I'm going to continue to participate in the US industrial economy, use electricity unnecessarily to do things like watch TV and use this computer. My wife and I are going to buy more house than we absolutely need, and heat it in the winter. I will buy things I don't need that were delivered to the store by a truck burning fossil fuels. And in 50 years when emissions are tripled and the Florida peninsula still exists, I'm going to say "I told you so."

Hopefully, the cultists won't have to apologize for having needlessly tanked our economy in the meantime.


PostalMed said...

Amen! I agree with everything said here. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one to see and to mention in their blog the series of articles in the Canadian National Post. I am sure that there are many scientists, reputable scientists, that feel the same way but feel muzzled by the fear of becoming ostracized by the liberal Gestapo.


Cato said...

I don't really pay a lot of attention to Al Gore, and less to John Kerry, but I have a lot of friends who are very concerned about global warming and who do try to live their lives in such a way as to minimize their contribution to it. They do a lot of biking, recycling, etc, and they think about ways in which they can live more "sustainably". Whether they are right or not, they are definitely trying to live in a way commensurate with their beliefs.

Just my observations about liberals who don't appear on TV.

PubliusRex said...

Is the earth warming a bit? Right now, seemingly yes.

If it is warming, is it human caused? Questionable.

If it's warming caused by humans, can we stop it? Probably not without repealing the industrial revolution. Driving 10% less and recycling egg cartons ain't gonna do it, especially since 2/5 of the world (PRC and India) won't participate.

If it's warming caused by humans and can we stop it, should we? Tell me why...without resorting to Gorean panic-mongering

Anonymous said...

Well-written but vile, the author of this pro-capitalism anti-environmental blog would have the reader believe that his greed & gluttony actually serve to make the world a better place. What the author fails to realize is that:

1. Approximately 2 billion people are living on less than $2 a day in impoverished deprivement.

2. America's "prosperity" that he is defending has become so much fantasy & delusion these days because generations of Americans have lived beyond their means and therefore allowed America to amass a mountain of debt adding up to many trillions of dollars.

3. The citizens of China & India really do want the American lifestyle and they are outcompeting Americans, hence American's economic superpower is quickly diminishing with each passing day.

4. The fossil fuels (oil, natural gas, and coal) are becoming depleted. Once the world's supplies of these fuels are exhausted the technological civilization will come to an end.

5. The human population is increasing from 6.5 billion and will ultimately apex at approximately 9 billion within fifty years. How will the world feed all of these people?

6. Climate change could modify the Earth's climate in radical manners which would threaten to destroy America's breadbasket. Should a severe drought and heat wave deprive the world of a vital food source several decades hence billions of people would die in a horrendous fashion.

The world will suffer an apocalypse within this century because of humankind's foolish behaviors. Greed & gluttony are bankrupting America and polluting the entire globe and rendering the Earth inhospitable to human life.

David Mathews