Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Peace: "Not just another top-heavy bureaucratic organization..."

Saddam cheerleader and my district's Representative Jim McDermott has an op-ed today championing Dennis Kucinich's "Department of Peace" proposal.

Essentially, it's a catchall department for universal gun control, socialism, appeasement of foreign dictators, K-12 social engineering - things which apparently "represent[] the ideals on which this country was founded."

(That those "founding ideals" would no doubt come as a shock to the individual-liberty minded signers of the Declaration of Independence doesn't seem to interfere with any of this high-mindedness. I think Rep. McDermott could use a few more civics and history classes...)

Let's take a look at some of the more amusing/troubling highlights:
"In a world torn by conflict, I can't think of a better time, or a greater need, for America to act as a force for good at home and around the world."
By implication, of course, this means we haven't been a force for good either at home or abroad, at least not in recent memory. Riiight. If only we were as benevolent and helpful as France and Russia.
"The legislation, which I am co-sponsoring, would fund, support and coordinate programs already in existence -— in schools, prisons, police departments, educational institutions, charitable organizations and elsewhere -— that are proven to reduce domestic and international violence and enhance the security and health of all Americans."
Schools, prisons, police departments, educational institutions are Constitutionally the province of the states. The federal government already has far too heavy a hand in these plenary powers, and to what end? Success? Improvement? No! Why do we want MORE federal control? Does McDermott, who no doubt is among those fools who thinks Bush is basically Hitler without the dashing mustache, seriously want the President directly in charge of local police departments, schools, and prisons? And government funding and "coordination" of private charities means they aren't private charities any more. It's not like government will make them more efficient. No thanks.
"In my years as a congressman and as a physician in the U.S. military, I have recognized repeatedly that the interests of the one cannot triumph over the interests of the many; that the security concerns of the United States are best served by diplomacy and cooperation rather than brute force."
Yet another way to say, "interests of the one" is "individual liberty." Again, I think the founders would be shocked to discover that their founding ideals included stamping out individual interests. This is nothing more than a call to socialism. And rejecting "brute force" so completely requires the belief that we should have "cooperated" with Hitler. At least he didn't imply he's a Vietnam veteran this time.
"It will create a Peace Academy, on par with the Military Service Academies, to train civilian peacekeepers and the military in the latest nonviolent conflict-resolution strategies and approaches."
Ah, yes - because the UN's success with "peacekeepers" has been so profound. Is there a single example of them actually being successful without a prior military success? Maybe if we had a few Peace Academy graduates to try out their nonviolent conflict-resolution strategies on the animals slaughtering their countrymen in the Sudan, they'd be singing Kumbaya by the end of the year... The sight of a battalion of USPA graduates massing in great strategic drum circles is surely enough to bring dictators, warlords, wife beaters, and terrorists to their knees!

"I've learned there's something about the human spirit, about the spirit of Americans everywhere, that strives for cooperation rather than domination. We all yearn for peace, and for the prosperity that peace brings. We all yearn for a better world for our children and our children's children. We want for them the best education possible; health care that encompasses and embraces everyone; a retirement secure from the plagues and worries that come with inadequate income and support; a healthy environment; and a world freed from the horrors of war.

"By reducing the immense costs of violence both domestically and internationally, a U.S. Department of Peace will help secure these essentials. It will demonstrate to our citizens and to the world that the United States is committed to using its great strength in partnership with all peoples to work for, and champion, peace. And, it will provide a beacon of hope for everyone that the peace we yearn for is not an unachievable dream, but an obtainable reality."

All for just $8 Billion dollars. It's so easy! If only we had thought of it earlier. For $8 billion, we can have universal health care, fix Social Security, implement socialism, and eliminate war and crime forever! Brilliant! If only Bush wasn't standing in the way of this wisdom...

Unfortunately, many humans ARE motivated to dominate and conquer, not to "cooperate." The enemy we fight has no ambition to get along with Christians and Jews, they want us either converted, subjugated, or dead. The only way to achieve "peace" with a group with such ambitions is to kill them, scare them off, or surrender to them. I know which option I prefer. I think McDermott could save the $8 billion and simply surrender now. I'm sure his wife wouldn't mind "cooperating" by putting on a burqua. And the upside is that a more peaceful law enforcement system wouldn't be so darn mean to him when he violates federal wiretap laws.

Stand by for more good ideas. We can have a "Department of Fairness," a "Department of Niceness," and a "Department of Sharing." We can outlaw crime and it will magically go away! We can have a "Department of Un-Biased Media" that will ensure we're only exposed to the correct, fair, and peaceful ideas - Dennis Kucinich would LOVE that! Or we could form an umbrella organization simply called the "Department of Good Things." That would save even more money by covering it all under one (how did Jim put it) "a uniting framework for existing organizations scattered throughout the U.S. currently working to bring peace to our communities and the world."

World. Problems. Solved.

That this un-serious perpetual adolescent is an elected US representative who is routinely reelected with 75% - 80% of the vote is shameful. Is there seriously not a single grown-up Democrat in the entire 7th District Seattle could send instead?

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PubliusRex said...

If only we'd had a Department of Peace 65 years ago. Think about it. No WWII, no Korean War, No Vietnam, no cold war...9/11 wouldn't have happened.

Graduates of our "Peace Academy" could have employed the "the latest nonviolent conflict-resolution strategies and approaches" so that we wouldn't be responsible for so much violence. It's really that simple.