Monday, April 23, 2007

Reid clarifies

In an earlier post I had referred to Harry Reid's inconsistency (a kind word) in voting for the Partial Birth Abortion ban and then criticizing the court's upholding that ban. Turns out he actually supports the decision, his criticism was apparently aimed only at Alito. In his usual clear-headed and well reasoned and well informed way, this is how he clarified what he said:

"Recalling his many votes against partial birth abortion, he indicated he supported the court's decision. "I just don't like what Alito has done on other cases," he said. What other cases? "I can't recall," Reid replied, but he promised aides would let me know."

A smart move to have his aides get back to the journalist, because when Reid recalls, he makes a complete hash of things. His aides eventually produced 5 cases out of the more than 50 that Alito's actually participated in. There is no record of Reid criticizing any of Alito's opinions or dissents till this vote on the Partial Birth Abortion case.

The man just talks rot nonstop. Surely the country deserves a better Senate Majority leader.

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PostalMed said...

But you forget -- the majority party is the Democrats. You could pick any one of the other 49 in the Senate and things would be no better.