Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Jimmy Carter and I Agree on Something...

But not in the way he might think:
Former President Jimmy Carter said Tuesday night that an agreement he brokered 12 years ago for North Korea to halt nuclear weapons development is “in the wastebasket."
Yeah. No kidding, Jimmy. Of course, Carter blames it on Bush for not appeasing the trollish dictator. What he can't seem to understand is that the deal was in the wastebasket because North Korea threw it in there before the door had even hit Carter in the wrinkly little pooper on his way out the door.

Carter says that talking to your enemies isn't appeasement. That's true. But what IS appeasement is what our nation's Worst President wants us to do - respond to nuclear provocation by giving Kim Jong Il billions of dollars in food and fuel while extracting promises we won't verify or enforce, and that we can be certain he'll violate.

Carter has a long history of acting as a shill for evil of all kinds - Hamas and Hezbollah, Castro, and now Kim. He responded to the larger evil of the Soviet Union by bravely not going to the Olympics. His entire presidency was quite simply a disaster in every possible arena. , no matter how noble his intentions may have been (and I don't even give him that benefit of the doubt any more). Why in the hell does he think he should be given any credibility now?

Sadly, this is the guy the Democrats think we should emulate on foreign policy. Not the lefty bloggers, the actual DNC. Something to think about when pulling that lever this November.

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