Sunday, October 15, 2006

Keith Olbermann, constitutional scholar

Media dishonesty taken to a new level : Keith Olbermann (video clip) discusses the recent detainee treatment act that passed Congress. No attempt to inform here, just rank misrepresentation. There are plenty of valid reasons (constitutional and prudential) to dislike the recent act, but this hatchet job by Olbermann does a disservice to those who have serious and principled objections to the act.

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PubliusRex said...

Have you watched his show?

Its premise is seething moral indignation based on the hallucination that coastal liberal elites are unjustly embattled in their effort with "journalists" to protect democracy and freedom from the tyrannyical Bush. That's right, we're a free country because of the heroism of Noam Chomsky and Edward Murrow. That's the entire viewpoint of the show, resulting in softball interviews with left wing editors and bombastic soliloquys to the camera. Pure rubbish.

But Fox News is the real enemy. Wake me up when the barbarians arrive...I'm sure Olbermann will be holding the door for them.