Thursday, October 19, 2006

Prosperity amid the gloom

"[E]very election year -- meaning every other year -- brings an epidemic of dubious economic analysis, as members of the party out of power discern lead linings on silver clouds." George Will on the economy.


UWLawschoolhunk99 said...

As to the 2003 Bush tax cuts, the economic data is so clear only an idiot (hyperlink here) would not want them to be permanent.

Orrin Johnson said...

12,000+. Which has nothing to do with increases in capital gains tax revenue increases. Like I keep saying, Worst Economy Since Hoover.

But Darcy claims that she only wants to raise taxes on the rich! At least she does now. Not so much earlier.

PubliusRex said...

You guys are just Bush clones. And if you criticize "this administration" you have no principles.

Also, we got serious with Iraq too early. We're getting serious with North Korea too late.