Monday, March 05, 2007

The College Years of Justice Thomas

An extraordinary interview in Business Week with Justice Thomas, focusing on his college years, his activities, the truth behind the meme that he himself is a product of affirmative action, and more. A sample:
Why do you think some people are so eager to cast you as a beneficiary of affirmative action?
That was the creation of the politicians, the people with a lot of mouth and nothing to say and your industry. They had a story and everything had to fit into their story. It discounts other people's achievements. Ask Ted how many all-nighters he pulled. It discounts those. It's so discouraging to see the fraudulent renditions of very complicated and different lives of people who were struggling in a new world for them. Everything becomes affirmative action. There wasn't some grand plan. I just showed up.
Read the whole thing. The more I read and learn about this man, the more respect I have for him.

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