Monday, March 05, 2007

Terrorist Abettor Lynne Stewart to Speak in Seattle

According to the announcement in The Crier (the Law School's official newsletter),
Celebrate International Women's Day with special guest Lynne Stewart speaking on “My fight for justice in Patriot Act America”

Acclaimed for defending poor people, radicals of color, and controversial figures, Stewart, a civil rights attorney, was sentenced to 28 months in prison on charges of abetting terrorism in a trial described as “a triumph of fear over reason” by Mumia Abu-Jamal. Stewart will discuss her appeal and the inspiration she draws from the legacy of female resistance to repression.

Co-sponsors: Radical Women, Seattle University Departments and Programs: Anthropology, Sociology & Social Work, Criminal Justice, Political Science, Pre-Law, Women’s Studies; the Black Panther Party Reunion Committee, National Lawyers Guild - Seattle and SU Law School Chapter.

This free event is at Seattle University, Pigott Auditorium. Enter campus on East Marion at 12th Ave. Continue straight past the visitor parking lot. The auditorium is in the Pigott Building, the first building on the right. For more information call 206-722-6057 or email
The sponsors of the event are radical socialist groups and an otherwise respectable University down town. She's endorsed by a cop killer. But she's simply a "civil rights attorney," "acclaimed for defending the poor." There's no mention of the crime her legal defense fund is attempting to defend her against, nor of the 60 dead people she helped to kill in the name of world-wide imposition of Sharia law and the oppression of all women. That the "Radical Women" are one of the prime sponsors of this is a sick joke.

Here's some background on Stewart I put together last year, from a side comment thread on this blog on another topic.


gerry said...

Seems to be quite an eventful Women's day celebration. Thanks for the information. Do drop by my blog too for more news and views.

PubliusRex said...

Does that ignorant fool know that her criminal acts predated the USA PATRIOT Act?

The lawdawgs announcement by the communist National Lawyer's Guild emphasized that she's one of Americas most diligent public servants.

How is she serving the public by spending our tax dollars to keep her locked in a cage for 28 months? How is she serving the public (let alone radical women) by being a messenger for fascist terrorists? How is she serving the public by defrauding the government? How is she serving the public when the New York Bar (I know, they're pawns of the Bush regime) found her unworthy of a law license?

It's a tragedy that this rancid, terrorist's strumpet wasn't convicted of treason and summarily put to death. But what can you expect of a Justice Department who let Sandy Burger off with a slap in the wrist for purloining classified documents?

As for the National Lawyers Guild, I encourage them to follow her lead. The less of them that are on the streets and retaining law licenses, the better.

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