Sunday, March 04, 2007

Newt the Feminist?

I still don't particularly care for Newt Gingrich personally, but I have to admit, he's got a lot of compelling things to say. He probably articulates the junction between a (not "the") principled conservative approach and practical efficacy of that approach better than any other right-leaner out there, politician or pundit.

In this recent interview with the New York Post, he lays out a great deal of the problems - and solutions - facing the country and conservatives. Take this tack on the War on Jihad:
For example, we should be talking about women's rights. I mean, women's rights is the easiest, cleanest single fight worldwide in taking on [the most radical forms of Islam]. . .
What better way to mobilize and/or shame liberals into understanding the dangers we face? He understands that there are a thousand good reasons for fighting this fight, and all of them resonate differently with different groups. It's ironic that this icon of divisiveness (admittedly an unfair caricature largely inflated by the MSM) understands so well how to build a broad coalition. I just don't think he's the one to do it.

Nominating Newt would guarantee the inauguration of President Hillary in January 2009. I wouldn't vote for him. But I sincerely hope he enters the race. His presence will force serious attention to serious issues that need to be faced by the Republican party - lest conservatism fall into irrelevance and the US becomes just another Eutopian Socialist society slowly committing cultural suicide.

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PubliusRex said...

You don't care for Newt personally? Great. But the left still thinks you're a greedy, oil-crazed, environment hating, anti-choice, oppressive class fascist. Sweet dreams.