Monday, August 14, 2006

Global Warming - Not As Bad As It Was In The 40's

If increasingly powerful hurricanes are proof that global warming is real and that it's a threat, as opposed to cyclical cycles that have only been able to be adequately studied since we've been able to launch satellites, does that mean that this year's less severe season is proof that the planet is getting cooler? (By the way, the Washington Post article linked in the last sentence talking about the 2006 Season revisions didn't mention Global Warming. They merely noted the Atlantic temperatures were cooler than expected. How very, very odd.)

It's the exact same logic. 5 years of increased hurricanes = runaway global warming. Reduced hurricanes SHOULD = global cooling. Except when it hurts funding requests and tenure applications.

China's getting into the act, too:

[Chinese Vice Minister of Water Resources] E [Jingping] said the typhoon season in China normally starts around July 27, but this year the first typhoon hit the southern province of Guangdong on May 18.

"This is the earliest typhoon to hit Guangdong since 1949," he said in a speech.

Emphasis mine. So does that mean that global warming was worse in 1949? And how long have exact stats been kept on typhoons?

If Al Gore wants to convince me to implement socialism and tank our economy to prevent us from becoming nothing more than a few "breeding pairs at the poles" in 100 years (excepting him and his three mansions, of course), his and his ilk's science is going to have to go beyond hysteric and unsubstantiated post hoc ergo propter hoc scare mongering. And. It. Hasn't.

And I thought it was the conservatives who were supposed to be anti-science to serve their political agenda...

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