Monday, August 21, 2006

UN: Israel Still Bad Guys For Daring To Defend Themselves

Hezbollah, with the help of Syria and Iran, is using the time granted by the UN's cease fire to smuggle arms into southern Lebanon and re-arm. This is not a surprise, as Hezbollah has promised they would do exactly that. It is also not a surprise to anyone who has observed the level of respect given to such documents by Islamofascists in times past.

Despite the awe that should have been inspired by the 49 French troops that landed yesterday promising to shield them from harm, the Israelis correctly decided to protect themselves, and raided the fascists arms cache.

Now - if two sides sign a peace treaty, and the historical aggressor begins secretly re-arming to once again attack their victim, which side has violated the agreement?

But in the Bizarro World of the UN, it is those defending their homes who are guilty. Kofi Annan predictably berated the Israelis for violating the cease fire, despite the fact that the agreement allows Israel to still defend herself.

Annan will go down in history as the Neville Chamberlain or the Jimmy Carter of our time - a craven appeaser that unleashed untold death, suffering, misery, and evil on the world under the banner of "Peacemaker." Fascists and mass-murdering dictators cannot do their evil work without the cooperation of world "leaders" willing to look the other way - or worse, who will blame the victim. The blood of millions is on his hands. And when the Fascists once again attack Israel (and look for that to come sooner rather than later), the blood of the innocents who will die in that conflict will be upon his head as well.


PubliusRex said...

Israel is a criminal regime. Their response was not proportional. FDR was a war criminal as well, he killed more Japanese and Germans than they killed Americans.

Cato said...


In your estimation, is there such a thing as a "disproportionate" response that would be inappropriate?

PubliusRex said...

Cato -

No, not when an enemy denies your very right to exist.

Hezbollah's founding principle gives Israel justification to destroy them.