Sunday, August 13, 2006

Why Is Israel Not Pressing Their Advantage?

The UN, in their latest resolution, has once again condemned Israel to decades more of attacks by an entrenched enemy. Israel, by accepting it, has guaranteed that she will once again be brutally attacked as soon as the Iranian/Syrian forces have a chance to regroup. What are they thinking?

Every time Israel has made a good faith concession in the name of peace, the other side has exploited it and used it against them. Israel originally occupied Gaza, the Golan Heights, and Southern Lebanon precisely because those places were being used as bases of operations to attack Israeli citizens, not because they were being "imperialistic." (Which the moronic "peace" activists who talk about "ending Israeli occupation" willfully neglect to think about.)

I recently read some liberal commentator snidely say that Israel should stop their "aggression," because their violent past hasn't brought them security. But what would have been the result had they not so unflinchingly defended themselves? They wouldn't exist. Each and every Jew in Israel would have become either a refugee or a statistic. The UN would have wrung their hands, but done nothing. The US would have been exhorted to not get involved.

For all their love of death and ruthlessness (perhaps because of it), the Iranian/Syrian units are still far inferior military force that has exposed themselves. Once out in the open, the superior Israeli forces would normally press their advantage, routing and destroying the enemy, not giving them the chance to get re-dug in. There could be no more welcome gift imaginable for an overextended and weakened military force about to be decimated than to be able to have some vast super power call a "time-out" so they can regroup and rearm - which is exactly what the UN does. (Does anyone seriously think Hezbollah and Hamas will use those time-outs for any other purpose? Their lack of good faith has been amply demonstrated.) The ONLY side a cease fire helps is the weaker side. In this case, that's the evil side. Whatever the different intentions of the UNSC member states, their resolution will serve to postpone - at best - the conflict, and give the side sworn to kill every last Jewish man, woman, and child a chance to recover and kill again more quickly. Time favors guerrillas.

Most UN resolutions are merely useless. This one is deadly. The UN resolution is not the path to peace, it is the strategy of the enemy. By seeking a cease fire, we are killing future Israelis and helping our shared Islamo-fascist enemy.

Israel can never "win" in the sense that the only way to make the current Islamo-fascist Bloc happy is to die. (We don't need anymore "understanding" of this enemy - they've been quite clear, in writing, about their intentions.) Thus, Israel and all free nations will always find themselves under attack. They will never have complete security until democracy takes root in the wider Middle East, and Arabs taste freedom and find it sweeter than their hatred of Jews.

But they can achieve secure borders. They can carry a stick big enough to give her enemies pause. They can kill thousands of evil men. They can make it known that an attack on Israel will be a painful affair to the attacker. They can keep their country alive and prosperous and abloom, even while the barbarians are at the gates. They can ignore UN resolutions that allow their enemy to rest and re-prepare for attacks on their civilians.

And they should.

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