Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Comments on "Quiet Revolution"

I was going to write tonight about the absurd Alliance for Justice film "Quiet Revolution," and judging from the jump in hits today, it looks like some people were curious as to our rebuttals. But since it took me 4 1/2 hours to get my wife and myself home tonight thanks to the weather, and I'm now enjoying a stiff drink to recover from yelling at non-South Dakota trained snow drivers, I think it best that I leave it for tomorrow.

For now, I'll merely sum it up this way:


One of the most over the top, tabloid-esque, dishonest, and unintentionally funny things I've seen in a really long time. Watch it here and see for yourself. Details to follow.


PubliusRex said...

If it adds some context, in their accompanying publicaton of the same title, the Alliance for Justice has a definitions section. That section is hilarious.

For example, it has a definition for "Constitution in Exile" that reads as follows...

"Term coined by DC Circuit Judge Douglas Ginsburg. Refers to a supposedly 'lost' Constitution - the Constitution as it was interpreted prior to the 1930s - that certain, largely libertarian ultra-conservatives want 'restored.' Would cut back on the authority of the federal government to enact nationwide worker, consumer, environmental and civil rights protectsions, elevate the status of private property rights, and resucitate the Lochner era's rigid limitatios on even the states' ability to pass progressive legislation."

Funny that "progressive" was not capitalized, but "restored" was.

Now, remind me, who's trying to use the force of government to advance an agenda?

Cato said...

Anybody who uses the term "libertarian ultra-conservatives" is presumptively ignorant of political science.