Thursday, November 09, 2006

"Culture of Corruption" and Intelligence Oversight

How much power should an impeached Federal Judge have over national security or intelligence oversight and budgeting? What if even Nancy Pelosi, in a Democratic controlled Congress, voted to impeach? We're about to find out, it looks like:
Barely two years into office, "Judge" Hastings accepted a $150,000 bribe in exchange for giving a lenient sentence to two swindlers, then lied in subsequent sworn testimony about the incident. The case involved two brothers, Frank and Thomas Romano, who had been convicted in 1980 on 21 counts of racketeering. Together with attorney William Borders Jr., Hastings, who presided over the Romanos' case, hatched a plot to solicit a bribe from the brothers. In exchange for a $150,000 cash payment to him, Hastings would return some $845,000 of their $1.2 million in seized assets after they served their three-year jail terms.
In the US military, a DUI can be enough to lose you your security clearance. Cheating on your wife or having too much debt - you'll be swabbing the deck outside of the radio shack instead of reading message traffic inside of it. Taking a bribe gets you a free trip to Leavenworth, KS.

The Democrats won in part because they promised more responsible and honest oversight. With all the new Democrats in the House to choose from, Ms. Pelosi owes it to the Nation that elected her party and to the troops she supports to at least appoint an Intelligence Committee Chair who could meet the minimum standards for a security clearance in any military branch.

This scares the holy hell out of me.

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Waldo said...

This is easily the scariest part of the Dems taking over. The idea of the most entrenched, liberal congressmen being appointed to such influential positions makes me shudder. They could easily dismantle a lot of the progress that has been made in the last twelve years.

Pelosi may owe it to the country to make wise decisions about who receives committee chairs, but do you believe for a minute that this Congress will be run by moderates? I wouldn't bet on it. Pelosi has no record of trying to be moderate on anything and now all of the newly elected representatives owe her. She scares me more than Hillary at this moment.

For me it drives home further the point of getting back to consevative principles. There needs to be a major house cleaning among the Republican leadership and fast. The party has to reenergize its base and get back on offense for us to have any shot in 2008. There is too much at stake.